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Restaurant Pjerin

Go into relaxation mode in the idyllic setting of our restaurant located on the cliffs overlooking the sea with an unrivalled view of the Old City. Indulge your senses in the flavors and aromas of our Mediterranean menu and the rich bouquet of carefully selected wines, all while being pampered by our professional staff.
Experience our unique Small Bites Philosophy and embark on an extraordinary journey through rich culinary heritage spiced with a touch of contemporary gastronomy and served as a blend of two different worlds melted into one joy for taste buds.
The experienced hands of our chefs will take you to a yet unknown sensation destination full of gifts from the Mediterranean Sea and Earth, intense herbs enriched by the strength of rocks and the texture of the cheese perfumed by winds from the elevated pastures.
The bouquets of cold-pressed olive oil as well as aromas and flavors of island and continental wines will reveal you the hard work that was embedded. This seasonality will give you a reason to keep coming back, without need for any other excuse.

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